• Drum Pulley

    Drum Pulley

    TX ROLLER represent the highest quality motorized pulley to assist our customers in helping make their plant/mine/facility to become more efficient, safe and productive. Modification & Accessories: Custom shafting in 45# or 55# steel. HE, XT, Taper-Lock or QD compression hubs. Complete assemblies available with pulley, bushings, shafting and bearings. SBR, Neoprene or D-LAG vulcanized lagging from 6.35mm thickness up to 25.4 thick or 25mm thick ceramic lagging. Conveyor Pulley Type: Head ...

  • HDPE Roller

    HDPE Roller

    TX ROLLER represent the highest quality HDPE roller to assist our customers in helping make their plant/mine/facility to become more efficient, safe and productive. HDPE Roller Advantage: * Non corrosive, excellent abrasion resistance; * Lighter than steel roller, long lifespan; * Can be used in almost any application where steel rollers are used; * Lower start-up costs on conveyer drives thanks to lighter weight; * Recyclable, energy efficient, decreases vibration; * Lowers maintenance costs...

  • Impact Roller

    Impact Roller

    TX ROLLER represent the highest quality impact roller to assist our customers in helping make their plant/mine/facility to become more efficient, safe and productive. The buffer roller is used to reduce the impact of blanking on the conveyor belt at the receiving area of the belt conveyor.It is a kind of belt conveyor idler roller mainly developed for corrosive environments such as chemical plants. Advantage: Value price; Triple labyrinth seal; Custom powder coated. Sealed for life ball beari...

  • Steel Roller

    Steel Roller

    TX ROLLER represent the highest quality steel roller to assist our customers in helping make their plant/mine/facility to become more efficient, safe and productive. Tongxiang is one of the most famous conveyor roller manufacturers in China.We have 38 years of experience in production.We have specialized production equipment and testing machines to guarantee for the advanced technology and high quality. Steel Roller Advantage: Competitive price; Triple labyrinth seal; Custom powder coated. Se...


Hebei Tongxiang Conveyor Machinery Co.,Ltd ( TX Roller ) is proud to announce that it has acquired substantially all of the assets of Hebei Taixi Conveying Machinery Co.,Ltd ( TAIXI ) in May 2022. In connection with the acquisition, TX Roller has:


1) Retained all of the TAIXI staff with their decades of experience.

2) Acquired all of the equipment for the production of their products.

3) Acquired all existing project files to continue to provide on-going after-market support.


Additionally, TX Roller has taken over the greater than 10,000 square feet of office and production space for the continued manufacturing of conveyor rollers and components for belt conveyors, and shorten delivery schedules and enable more competitively priced products in the market.

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Hebei TongXiang Conveyor Machinery Co.,Ltd, was founded in 1980, and specialized in conveyor equipment and accessories. Decades of experience have given us a strict procedure for quality control. More than 80 percent workers have been working in our factory for over 5 years. Since 2004, Mr.Cui expand the filed of bulk material handling and make the company grow again. Mainly manufacture Conveyor Roller & Idler, Conveyor Frame & Station, Pulley, Impact Bar/Bed and other components, such as Rubber Ring, Tube, Shaft, Bearing seat and Seal.

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Hebei TongXiang Conveyor Machinery Co.,Ltd

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    All conveyor belts must be connected in a ring shape for practical use, so the joints of the conveyor belt are a critical preparation step. The quality of the joint directly affects the service life of the conveyor belt and whether the conveyor line can run smoothly and smoothly. 1. Method of joi...


    The Rollers are designed to rotate in one direction only preventing a fully loaded snapped, Conveyor Belt from running back into the Tail Pulley – the Conveyor Belt is immediately arrested. Why an Idler Brake? 1) To stop runaway conveyors, which cause: Damage to infrastructure. Danger of injury a...

  • Belt conveyor idler frame product description

    Frame is to provide for a minimum gap between the rolls and additional protection to the conveyor belt. Frame outer slopers are designed to prevent material build around the shell end causing premature wear to avoid shell by jamming role. Base frame cross members for optimum power to weight ratio...


    HDPE rollers offer many advantages over traditional steel rollers in a variety of environmental conditions. Conveyed material will adhere more readily to steel rollers and will create an uneven and imbalanced surface, resulting in improper belt tracking and conveyed substance spillage. HDPE Rolle...


    The mining industry uses heavy duty belt conveyor for transportation, production lines and production departments. They are used mainly for transfer raw materials in a horizontal or inclined conveying system such as coal, gravel, sand, cement, grain, rocks and are made from a main belt supported ...