Bearing, Conveyor roller

The roller bearing seat plays an important role in the conveyor and is an important part of the roller. Due to the large number of species, its performance has become the key to ensure the quality of roller. Especially in the roller accessories in the bearing, the life of the roller has a direct correlation, the following reason for its easy to analyze a simple analysis.
1) the bearing material does not meet the standards, easy to use in the process of erosion caused by early scrapped.
2) the installation of bearings is also one of the reasons for the damage, a reasonable installation of the operation and life are related, and the installation of pressure control properly, but also to reduce the bearing wear.
3) the bearing is not cleaned or the equipment does not dry function, the bearing has not been demagnetized, very easy to absorb dust, so very detrimental to its use, because the water and dust easily cause erosion, causing damage.

The roller is mainly composed of the cylinder, the spindle, the bearing seat, the retaining ring, the sealing structure and the bearing seat.But how to choice the bearing? At present, the main use of deep groove radial ball bearings and tapered roller bearings.

Deep groove radial ball bearing advantages:
1) can be made large clearance, allowing the spindle to have a greater processing error and bending deformation;
2) running resistance slightly lower than tapered roller bearings, the price is low.

1) poor impact resistance;
2) can not afford a larger axial force;
3) poor corrosion resistance;
4) the service life is lower;
5) are larger in size than tapered roller bearings under the same carrying capacity.

Advantages of tapered roller bearings:
1) has a large radial and axial bearing capacity;
2) in the same load capacity and life conditions, the size is smaller than the ball bearing;
3) good regulation, whether it is axial clearance or preload, can be designed to achieve the best performance;
4) installation and removal is very convenient;
5) under the same load and life conditions, the price is low;
6) with self-discharge capacity;
7) has a strong impact resistance.

1) processing, assembly accuracy requirements, processing and assembly of bearing life greater impact;
2) running resistance slightly higher than the deep groove radial ball bearing.
Both roller and roller seals are products that are frequently used in the industry. The roller is mainly used in some conveyors, which for the belt conveyor, it is a very important parts.So we need choice the suitable bearing when produce the rollers.


Post time: Jan-19-2022