belt conveyor

With the rapid development of China’s national economy, China’s energy, electricity, metallurgy, building materials, terminals and other industries have also been a great opportunity for development, and conveyor belt products and the development of these industries are closely related, but also on the development of the national economy To a very critical role. In the international market environment, the Chinese rubber industry conveyor belt industry to face the new environment, how to maintain a good momentum of sustained development, more and more attention from the industry.

Conveyor belt is the second largest rubber industrial products after tires. It is mainly used for the transportation of materials in coal, wharf, metallurgy, machinery industry and warehousing industry. Its product quality, specification variety and application scope, to a certain extent, mark the national economy And the level of development of technology.

With the increasing pressure on resources and the environment, the domestic production factors and resource products prices will continue to show an upward trend. If a 2.5 km transport line, for example, the length of the conveyor belt is 5 km, high-strength rope conveyor belt than the average weight of ordinary conveyor belt will be reduced by nearly 200 tons, plus high-strength rope conveyor belt static connector Efficiency of 100% or more, ordinary conveyor belt efficiency of about 65%, which in energy saving, materials can be seen on the spot.

Since 1987, in accordance with the State Administration of Work Safety on the coal mine conveyor belt products with the implementation of safety standards management, has developed in line with coal mine safety production MT147 standard flame retardant rope conveyor belt products and have higher requirements MT668 Standard flame retardant wire rope conveyor belt, in the flame retardant, anti-static, roller friction, propane combustion and other safety performance to meet the needs of coal mine safety production. Which MT668 flame retardant belt is developed by our own, far better than the United States, Germany, Japan and other countries of the standard, China’s MT668 standard flame retardant belt almost occupied the domestic market. 1998 independent research and development in line with the use of coal mine MT669 standard wire rope traction conveyor belt, formed the rubber six group safety products three pillars, but also the domestic investment and development of safe flame retardant conveyor belt the earliest, the largest output, covering the largest coal production enterprises The Over the past five years, only the coal industry sales totaled 700 million yuan.

Post time: Jun-08-2022