Belt Conveyor Idler Roller For Sale

Tongxiang is a conveyor accessories manufacturer in China.We supply high quality belt conveyor idler roller for sale.
Belt conveyor idler roller as the main part of the conveyor equipment, its main purpose is to drive the roller body, bearing housing, bearing outer ring and sealing ring to rotate back and forth through the friction force between the conveyor roller and the conveyor belt. The transfer cooperation between the idler and the conveyor belt together realizes the material transport.
There are many kinds of conveyor rollers, and the number is large,so it is very important for the belt conveyor system. It withstands more than 70% of the resistance of an assembly line, and the price of the conveyor idler also occupies a conveyor. The total cost of machinery is 35%, so the quality of conveyor rollers is very important for a conveyor line.
The quality of the conveyor roller can be judged from the following aspects: the waterproof and dustproof performance of the conveyor roller, the axial bearing performance of the roller, the radial runout performance of the outer roller, the axial displacement performance of the roller.The most important thing in impact resistance is how long the service life of the conveyor roller is.
Classification of conveyor rollers
The classification of the conveyor roller is mainly divided by the material and the shape of the idler:
1. According to the shape of the points, there are four major types of idlers, namely, various types of parallel conveyor roller group, all kinds of aligning conveyor roller group, grooved roller group, all kinds ofimpact roller group.
2. According to the material of the roller, there are steel roller, impact roller, HDPE roller, nylon roller…


Post time: Sep-29-2019