Belt conveyor safety operation

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With the increase of the conveyor speed and the increase of the distance, the safety and reliability of the belt conveyor is also increasing. The normal operation of the belt conveyor depends on the quality of the main parts, and the safety protection device is also a link that can not be ignored. It can reduce the damage degree of accidents to people and equipment.Conveyor idler rollers play a vital role for belt conveyor safety operation. Mainly used in the design of coal handling system in thermal power plant of belt conveyor safety protection device: two level deviation switch, two-way pull switch, longitudinal tear protection device, slip detection speed display device, chute protection device, material flow detector, a detector etc.. It is an important guarantee for the safe operation of coal transportation system to choose the type and layout of the protection device reasonably.
In the running process of the two level deviation switch belt conveyor, the conveyor belt often runs off. In order to prevent this phenomenon, the idler roller is often used on the conveyor’s upper roller, and a group of idlers are arranged on every 10 groups along the length of the belt conveyor. Although these anti deflection measures play a partial role in a certain extent, they can’t completely eliminate the deviation phenomenon. It sends out signals by detecting the running deviation of belt conveyer belt, and realizes the automatic alarm and stop function of the belt conveyor.Conveyor idler rollers play a vital role for belt conveyor safety operation. Two level deviation switch arranged in pairs of belt conveyor middle frame, each 100m belt conveyor of C three recommended installation deviation switch if the new input belt conveyor in the unused before installation deviation switch, then the deviation alarm error, if used in a period of time, the most easy to master belt conveyor the deviation of position, and then targeted the installation, will have the best effect. The deviation switch should be installed on the inclined angle of the belt conveyor to ensure that the touch roller and the edge of the belt are vertical.Because the belt conveyor has different degrees of natural deviation which does not affect the normal work, so when installing, we should also pay attention to the distance between the roller and the edge of the belt, which is 40 ~100mm away.
The two-way rope pulling switch is mainly used for timely handling and preventing accidents of personal equipment when transporting materials. The rotary cam structure is adopted mostly, and the swing rod can be rotated. When an emergency occurs, a pull – off switch is pulled at any place along the site, and a stop signal can be sent. Conveyor idler rollers play a vital role for belt conveyor safety operation. There are two kinds of two – way pull – rope switch automatic reset and manual reset. When the switch sends out the stop signal, the swing lever is automatically restored to the position before the action. After the failure is eliminated, it can run the normal operation immediately.

Post time: Aug-04-2022