Cause Analysis of Tear in Conveyor Application

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1, the transport of materials caused by impurities in the belt tear. Infusion of impurities in the material for the coal port, the main quality of coal is not good, coal in the large coal and various impurities, such as iron, sticks, etc., about 70-80% of the tear, thus ensuring the source of coal Quality is the key to tearing.
2, belt conveyor auxiliary equipment installed properly caused by the belt tear. Belt conveyor auxiliary equipment, liner drop, the iron attached to the sharp iron, the installation of improper cleaning and so on may cause tearing and scraping of the conveyor belt, ordinary conveyor belt without horizontal protection structure, can not prevent tearing.
3, belt conveyor structure is not perfect to cause the belt tear. Because the structure of the belt conveyor is not perfect, the conveying point of the conveyor belt is large, the impurity in the coal flow is relatively large, the impact force is large, the sharp and the hard long impurity is easy to insert into the conveyor belt Conveyor belt tear.
4, blocking material caused by the conveyor belt tear. Transfer chute small, easy to block the material and impurities through the cause of conveyor belt tear.
5, the conveyor belt deviation caused by pulling edge.
6, return with roll coal and so on.
In addition, the conveyor belt side of the aging of the conveyor belt core layer of water, causing the rope out of corrosion, can also cause tear.
All the conveyor belt must be ring into the use, so the conveyor belt joints directly affect the service life of the conveyor belt and conveyor line can run smoothly and smoothly. General conveyor belt joints commonly used methods are mechanical joints, cold bonding joints, heat curing joints.
Mechanical joint method
Generally refers to the use of belt buckle joints, this joint method is convenient and convenient, but also more economical, but the joint efficiency is low, easy to damage, the conveyor belt product life has a certain impact. PVC and PVG core flame retardant antistatic conveyor belt connector, the general 8 with the following products are used this joint method.
Cold bonding method
That is, the use of cold adhesive to carry out joints. This joint method is more efficient than the mechanical joint, but also more economical, should be able to have a better joint effect, but from the practice point of view, because the process conditions are more difficult to grasp, and the quality of the adhesive on the joint effect is very large, So it is not very stable.
Hot vulcanization joint method
Practice has proved to be the ideal of a joint method, to ensure high joint efficiency, but also very stable, joint life is also very long, easy to grasp. But there are processes such as trouble, high cost, short joint time and other shortcomings.

Post time: Jul-27-2022