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We are professional conveyor belt pulleys suppliers in China.Our company specializes in Conveyor rollers and Pulleys, we are the top suppliers in China. The common types of drum pulley can be classified in the following ways:
1.According to the drive pulley surface
⑴ Smooth Pulley
Glossy drums are generally suitable for electric drums up to 15KW. The conveyors are horizontal or transported.
⑵ Rubber Pulley
The adhesive layer can be divided into plane glue, diamond glue and herringbone glue.The rubberizing roller is a kind of non-metallic non-slip protective layer that is chemically or mechanically coated on the drum body. This coating is generally not removable. In the case where the drum is used as a flapping device, the drum coating is used to increase the frictional derivative of the conveyor belt and the drum surface during transmission to reduce the friction coefficient of the conveyor belt on the drum surface to reduce the conveyor belt in the drum. Skimmers on the surface of the body wear each other, increase the traction of the operation, and extend the service life of the conveyor belt and the electric roller.
2.According to the structure type classification
⑴ Built-in drum pulley
Built-in drum motor is placed inside the barrel of the motor and deceleration mechanism to form a fully enclosed internal drive.
⑵ External drum pulley
Outer-mounted electric drum is to put the speed-reducing mechanism inside the cylinder, and an external motor. Outer can be divided into direct and separate type. The direct connection type is that the motor is integrated with the roller support and the motor does not need to support the support. Separate type is divided into in-line type and vertical type, the motor foot needs to be supported, and coupling or coupling is used with the roller.

3.Classified by transmission structure
⑴ Fixed shaft gear transmission
At present, the most commonly used deceleration devices for electric drums in the world are fixed axis and fixed axis gear transmissions, and over 95% of gear transmissions are fixed axis involute cylindrical gear transmission structures. The general applicable power is below 18.5KW.
⑵ Planetary gear transmission
Compared with the fixed-shaft gear transmission, this type of transmission has the advantages of large bearing capacity and stable operation. Generally applicable power 18.5-132KW, base to larger.
⑶ Planetary Cycloid Drive
This kind of transmission structure is relatively small in foreign countries, more in the country, has the advantages of large carrying capacity, stable work and so on. Can meet the lower line speed requirements. The general applicable power is below 90KW.
4.According to the motor cooling mode
⑴ oil-cooled electric drum
The key to the oil-cooled drum motor is that it is not allowed inside the motor to enter the oil. This type of electric drum is currently the most common electric drum in China.
⑵ oil-immersed electric pulley
This type of drum motor is also called a direct oil-cooled drum motor. As the name implies, this type of drum motor allows the oil to enter the interior of the motor, directly in contact with the rotor and stator windings of the motor, and the heat generated during their operation is transmitted to the drum wall by the rotation of the drum body. Therefore, theoretically, the effect of oil transfer is better than oil-cooled, and the requirement for the sealing performance of the motor is eliminated. However, the oil-immersed drum motor requires relatively high quality of the cooling lubricant and the motor. This type of drum motor is used more often abroad.
⑶ Air-cooled pulley
The feature of this type of electric drum is that the motor does not use oil cooling, and the oil or grease only lubricates the reducer. The cooling of the motor depends on the convection of conduction, radiation and wind. This type of roller is rarely used in the country.
5.Classified by common functions
⑴ Backstop function
One-way rotation is required to prevent the transport of materials from falling down. The drum motor with backstop can be used.
⑵ braking function
Emergency stop required, optional drum pulley with brake.
⑶ speed control function
There is an electromagnetic adjustment machine for variable speed speed control, and the speed of the drum is adjusted according to the amount and requirements of the material to be transported.
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Post time: Sep-29-2019