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Tongxiang is a professional cone roller manufacturer China.Today’s production companies generally choose to use conveyor equipment for production operations. Conveyor accessories can be based on the needs of factory automation production materials and the different needs of logistics and transportation, the conveyor accessories and equipment for the development, design and manufacturing.
The conveyor cone roller is mainly used to process and manufacture the existing roller’s screen support wheel, which is a kind of device for screening coal. The appearance of tapered roller greatly solves the problem that enterprises are prone to accumulate and block transportation materials during production operations.
No matter what the occasion, the conical roller of the conveyor can meet the demand of the production roller for conveyor roller to the greatest extent regardless of the style of the cargo or the weight and size of the material being conveyed. The tapered roller includes a base, a motor speed reducer, a cover body on the base, a screen cylinder in the cover body, a feed tube at the inlet end of the screen cylinder, a feed tube fixed on the cover body, and a rough and fine material outlet on the base. There are large and small rolling rings on the screen cylinder, a supporting wheel seat on the base, a supporting wheel shaft on the supporting wheel seat, a grooved supporting wheel is mounted on the supporting wheel shaft through the bearing, and the large and small rolling rings are placed in the groove of the grooved supporting wheel. Inside, the large sprocket on the screen cylinder is connected with the small sprocket on the reducer through the chain; there is an external elastic brush on the cover body. The groove-shaped supporting roller is provided with a bearing cover, the labyrinth cover is fixed on the supporting roller seat and the bearing cover is matched, and the bearing cover is provided with a sealing ring. An oil inlet passage is connected with the supporting roller bearing on the supporting roller shaft, and the oil pipe of the greaser is connected with the oil inlet passage. The support plate in the screen cylinder has internal elastic brushes.

Cone roller roller can be made into a single chain roller, the sprocket at the small end of the cone roller, the specific size in accordance with the needs of the production enterprises to design and produce the simplified material and handle the same double chain power cone roller. The conveyor cone roller is used for the arc section of the roller conveyor to ensure the smooth conveyance of objects on the arc segment.
The conveyor cone roller is more suitable for use on harvesters harvesting rice, wheat, and the like. It consists of a conical roller, a concave screen, a top cover and a guide plate. The exit end of the tapered roller is large, the inlet end is small, and the threshing gap formed with the concave screen is also small at the inlet and outlet end of the large-discharge outlet, which is more suitable for the characteristics of the crop threshing process. Therefore, it has the advantages of softer threshing, low power consumption, low breakage, and less loss.
Conveyor cone roller has the advantage that when the production process is used for material transportation, the supporting roller is not easy to damage, and the material is not easy to shake out. At the same time, the cone roller performance is safe, stable and reliable.

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Post time: Sep-29-2019