Conveyor and Government

The Ninth People ‘s Congress of the People’ s Republic of China was officially opened in 19th October. Accompanied by the convening of the nineteenth, concessions to bring a series of industrial policy? On the conveyor and its accessories industry will bring what kind of impact. With the convening of the nineteenth, will soon come to light. The rapid and stable development of the national economy provides a good opportunity for the conveyor industry.

Conveying machinery is a general-purpose product, can be widely used in building materials, cement, steel, electricity, mining, ports, chemicals, light industry and other industries. With the development of the economy, the transportation machinery products are constantly enriched, including belt conveyor, plate conveyor, scraper conveyor, buried scraper conveyor, vibration conveyor, screw conveyor, suspension conveyor, bucket elevator , Pneumatic conveying device, aerial rope way, feeder and other varieties

Conveyor industry as an important part of China’s basic machinery and equipment industry has got the country’s strong support. Not only the mine, the construction,
factory pipelines are also inseparable from the conveyor transport materials. It is help full to achieve a pipeline-style production mode, the liberation of manpower,
distribute to the development of China’s national economy has made an indelible contribution. Especially after the reform and opening up, to improve the transport efficiency, along with the rise of private enterprises, China’s conveyor industry development by leaps and bounds, in the technical and industrial scale have achieved a breakthrough.

At present, private enterprises have become the mainstay of China’s conveyor industry, is to promote the conveyor industry and the entire machinery and equipment industry, the main force.

With the environmental policy intensified, China’s industrial structure will bring significant adjustments. Some small economic strength, backward production capacity, serious environmental pollution of small workshops, small factories, will certainly be eliminated. And for higher technological content, higher capacity of the factory, will also be a development opportunity. The industrial structure of the conveyor industry will also bring new reforms.

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Post time: Jan-25-2022