Conveyor deviation problem

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For coal, quarrying and other industries, the use of conveyor takes a very large proportion.However, the deviation of the conveyor belt is most common in the course of work.In this article, we will discuss the causes of deviation problems.Actually, belt deviation from the track not only affect the output, more serious will cause a major fire and other accidents.
The reasons for deviation are divided into the following:
1. The head, tail and middle of the conveyor are not on the same line and cause the belt to deviate from the track.Installation is the main reason for the occurrence of such a belt deviation, the axis can not be perpendicular to the longitudinal center of the belt, so that when the belt is running uneven force is easy to deviation.
2. When belt runing on the drum, it will diviation from the track. This is mainly due to the installation of the drum is not caused by the positive, including two aspects, on the one hand there is no perpendicular to the center line of the tape, on the other hand with the horizontal plane is uneven installation. When the conveyor operation, in the direction of the belt width of the external force is not zero, the belt will be large side of the large deviation.In this case, you need to adjust the roller mounting position so that its axis is parallel to the longitudinal centerline of the belt and parallel to the horizontal plane.
3. Conveyor belt connection problems caused by the deviation.Cut the belt is not correct, from the new connector to solve the belt. When connecting the belt connector, be sure to ensure that the joint is flat. It is worth noting that in order to ensure the belt in the joint out of the flat, in addition to the belt to avoid the phenomenon of tearing, be sure to try to keep an interface.
4. Long-term wear damage caused by deviation.In the long work, the belt will inevitably be some wear and tear, belt centerline on both sides of the degree of wear is different, when subjected to the same tensile stress, the elongation on both sides is usually not the same, if this stretch Larger, will lead to the difference in the amount of elongation on both sides of the belt, once the amount of elongation in the belt work when the belt deviation is easy to cause.In that case, you should enhance the maintenance of the belt to check the intensity of the damaged belt in time to repair or replace.
5. The impact of material.Usually it occurs in the belt when the material is mainly due to the material of gravity and inertia impact caused by the belt. In addition, if the material in the roller or roller on the excessive volume, will cause the belt deviation.So you should clean the drum regularly.
6. The roller frame will also cause deviation.It is recommended that the centerline of the roller set and the centerline of the conveyor frame be controlled to 3.0 mm or less when mounting the belt conveyor and the roller set is to be mounted on the same horizontal or inclined surface.So that can reduce the impact.

Post time: May-31-2022