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Tongxiang is a conveyor equipment manufacturer in China,do you know what factors should be considered when the conveying equipment is selected?
In order to ensure the reliable operation of the conveyor equipment, we need to examine the following two aspects in selecting the conveying equipment: the selection and consideration of the conveying equipment and the environmental conditions.
Because the surface of the transport material is directly contacted with the conveyor, the characteristics of the goods will directly affect the choice of equipment and the design of the system. The properties of the materials we transport include the weight, the surface characteristics (soft or hard), the packaging, the size, and the rate of processing that we have to consider. All the materials needed to be conveyed need to list the size and weight of the volume and the seal, which all affect the selection of the conveying equipment; for example, the lighter material is likely to make the sensor unmoved, and the size of the material will also affect the selection of the type of conveying equipment, such as the barrel type or the belt type, which is determined by the material. The size of the roller and the belt. For some accumulative conveyors, the weight and distribution range of materials also have important influence.

Most of the transportation equipment is in the room, and the indoor (warehouse) environment is usually with lighting and air conditioning operation, if the extreme temperature conditions require special selection of bearings, belts, drive single, and so on. Most of the indoor environment in which the transport equipment is located is relatively clean, but the conveyor system may also have to be connected to a very clean area or a worse environment. The characteristics of materials must be isolated based on safety and health factors. These factors are also closely related to the design of conveying system and storage area.
All material handling equipment should be maintained and maintained at regular intervals. For more complex systems, regular maintenance should be provided by the manufacturer, and for the gravity system, a regular check is required to ensure the normal operation of the roller.

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Post time: Sep-29-2019