Conveyor impact roller

Conveyor equipment generally includes many conveyor accessories, such as head drum, tail drum, bearing roller, impact roller, back roller. Impact roller in the course of its operation as a buffer to reduce the impact of materials on the conveyor belt, mainly for coal washing plants, coking plants, chemical plants and other corrosive environments. Cushion roller cushioning and sealing materials made of polymer materials, the corrosive environment, the service life of up to 5 times the ordinary roller.

Impact idler is mainly composed of inner steel tube and rubber ring, according to the different delivery capacity can choose different sizes of tube and rubber ring. Due to the abrasion resistance of the rubber ring, the service life of the cushioning roller is longer than that of the ordinary roller. The cushioned roller ring has the advantages of light weight and small rotating inertia. The roller made of this component has about one half of that of a common roller attachment, has small rotational inertia, small conflict between the roller and the belt, and useful reduction Conflict between. Reduce the distance between the idler can reduce the imitation of the conflict coefficient, but the total resistance value will increase, except in the unloading point for the maintenance of tape outside the general carrying section do not increase roller density. In contrast, foreign countries generally increase the roller distance to reduce the total resistance, but the drawings and devices to be fully dynamic analysis and quality roller as the basis to ensure the reliable operation of the belt conveyor. Impact roller apron layout is reasonable, tight seal. Impact roller apron with two seals, the production of high precision, open space coated with special grease, can effectively avoid dust, gas, liquid and other corrosive media into the roller inside, damage to the bearings.

In general, the rubber roller cushioning roller hardness of 70-80 Shore. For example, Hebei Tongxiang Conveyor Machinery Co.,Ltd, 89 diameter impact roller will use 60 tube and 20mm rubber ring, the hardness is 70-80 shore, for 108 diameter impact roller will use 76 inner tube and 20mm rubber ring. If you want other hardness of rubber ring, we can also do it for you, just feedback us. The accessories of impact roller is rubber ring, bearing. Rubber ring can offer you, other conveyor accessories are bearing, sealing, bearing cover, rubber ring, shaft and steel tube.

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Post time: Aug-10-2022