conveyor pulley

In order to accurately assess the quality of the product, improvement of the wall of the conveyor drum pulley is completed. The drive pulley and the reversing pulley are simple. Whether it is a new purchase or repair, the cast rubber is used, and the rubber and cold glue are eliminated. The thickness of the drum cylinder is unilaterally increased by on the basis of the original design. Before casting the rubber, the entire simplified surface must be processed into a thread-like recast rubber to increase the strength of the adhesive. The glue layer of the TD type drive roller is changed from the original single side thickness mm to 12~14mm. The glue layer of the DX type drive roller is changed from the original single side thickness 12-14mm to 15.2Umm. Due to the improvement of the casting glue process, the previous rubber surface is solved. Peeling from the barrel. The thickening of the rubber layer makes the service life of the drive roller more than double.

The ceramic rubber composite lining is adhered to the metal cylinder by using imported high-strength adhesive, and the bonding is tight so that there is no gap. Since the ceramic-rubber vulcanized contact surface has a unique dovetail structure, the ceramic and the rubber are closely attached to ensure that the ceramic does not come out of the rubber. The surface of the ceramic sheet has bumps, high roughness, large friction coefficient with the tape, and it is not easy to slip in continuous operation. The ceramic lining plate is firmly bonded and can not be layered, has excellent wear resistance and long service life, and its 7H has a service life of more than 5% of the rubber rubberized roller.

The drive roller often has problems such as peeling off the rubber surface and simple skin and making the leisure life short. The mineral processing plant has carried out a comprehensive analysis and research on the above M questions, and found out the wide-ranging problem, and made corresponding technical transformation accordingly.

In the management of grassroots district teams, the phenomenon of work S and assessment results often occur between the same types of work and between different types of work, which affects the successful completion of various task indicators. Therefore, to ensure the completion of the task, it is necessary to further enhance the employee’s sense of responsibility, to allow awareness and crisis awareness, improve work efficiency and work quality, and upgrade the management level to a new level.

Post time: Sep-27-2019