Conveyor Roller

Two rollers of 800 mm in diameter and 500 mm in length are rotated in opposite directions by the double output shaft reducer. The ore is fed from the upper part and the crushing operation is carried out in the gap formed between the two rolls. The use of smooth roll surface crushing is mainly based on crushing of the roll surface with a certain amount of grinding action. The broken material is discharged by gravity. The crusher is characterized in that the material is only pressed once when passing through the middle of the two rolls, so there is less pulverization.
The roller crusher has the advantages of simple structure, compact and light weight, reliable operation, convenient maintenance, etc., and the crushed product has uniform particle size, small crushing, and fine product size (can be broken to below 3 mm). It is suitable for the treatment of brittle materials and the crushing of clay-containing viscous materials. The main disadvantage of the roller crusher is its low processing capacity.
The residual pole is the residual part of the prebaked anode carbon block after being used on the electrolytic cell. The residual amount is generally 1525 of the amount of anode carbon block, and the particle size of the block produced by the upstream equipment is 6070 mm (according to the material measurement in section 112) The method calculates that the shape is irregular shape. In the study of this paper, the average particle size is calculated according to the material requirements.

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