conveyor roller bearing

Roller bearings are bearings that use smooth bearings such as miniature bearings
Open roller bearing
This type is the most common type of roller bearing. The open bearing is also called flat bearing. The bearing itself is not sealed. The roller has several layers of nylon roller bearing sealing ring protection. The sealing performance is very good. The bearing is very good. Add sealing to do more. The open roller bearing is easy to grasp the lubricating grease filling amount of the roller bearing according to the actual situation before installation. Open roller bearings also have a certain price advantage over the cost of sealed roller bearings. It is easy to improve the market competitiveness of the roller and even the conveyor!
Double seal roller bearing
These bearings are suitable for relatively high sealing requirements or less perfect bearing grease conditions for roller manufacturers. The bearing is greased at the factory and the sealed dust cover of the bearing itself.

Usually the space in which the roller bearings can be installed is limited. In most cases, the shaft diameter (or the inner diameter of the roller bearing) is limited by mechanical design or other design. Therefore, the choice of the type and size of the roller bearing is determined according to the inner diameter of the roller bearing. Thus, the main dimension tables of the scale roller bearings are compiled according to the international standard inner diameter dimensions.

The roller bearing requires precise dynamic balance of the rotating system of the bearing. The shaft and the seat hole should be mounted with the bearing with higher dimensional accuracy and shape accuracy than the general requirements, especially the coaxiality and the shoulder to the seat hole or journal. The verticality, while considering these issues, must also pay attention to the high-speed factors and high temperature factors when the bearing is running.

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Post time: Jan-08-2021