The Rollers are designed to rotate in one direction only preventing a fully loaded snapped, Conveyor Belt from running back into the Tail Pulley – the Conveyor Belt is immediately arrested.
Why an Idler Brake?

1) To stop runaway conveyors, which cause:

Damage to infrastructure.
Danger of injury and death to personnel in the vicinity.
The necessity of lengthy and difficult cleanup operations.
The loss of production due to standing time, with the associated cost (loss of income).
2) To simplify the construction and maintenance of conveyors:

Pulling in of belts is now easily accomplished. The belt may be let loose at any stage and at any position on the incline – and will simply remain there.
Broken belts, with or without load, will remain in position, allowing them to be spliced and repaired at leisure.
3) To provide an alternative to expensive backstops,

Which are ineffective when the belt snaps before the backstop, as well as to other systems for catching runaway conveyors, which are only partly effective, normally only attempting to catch the belt once it has gained some momentum, and even then catches the belt in only one or a couple of locations, giving rise to extreme tensions and forces in the belt.

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Post time: Aug-24-2022