Environmental protection policy may continue until next year.

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Environmental protection policy will continue until next year. Many places are now shutting down small businesses, or even law enforcement. In the first quarter alone, many enterprises were investigated.Why does the so-called “scattered dirty enterprise” exist? Because the market needs the products they produce. These products are not often referred to as “counterfeit” or “inferior”, but merely inferior products.Some people may have higher incomes and need high-end products. But more people can afford only low-end products, such as regular clothes and tens of thousands of dollars. Not everyone can afford high-end things.If these enterprises are turned off, there will be only those that are not scattered, not disorderly or dirty, and the number of such enterprises is very small. As a result, the cost of all products will rise substantially and prices will rise accordingly. If so, consumers must not be satisfied because the prices they pay will be higher and harder to bear.Unemployment has risen sharply after turning off the mess. People will have no income, they can not afford to buy, not to mention high-grade, maybe even low-grade products can not afford.Maybe these environmental protection policy affect conveyor idler manufacture production.
All production will have a certain degree of pollution. Because production requires a lot of inputs, such as raw materials, labor, and so on. But we tend to ignore an input, that is, the environment.In the case of relatively backward technology, we may have to sacrifice the environment to promote production, which is an inevitable choice to reduce costs. Paper mills, for example, need clean water if they want to produce paper, in addition to raw materials, equipment, labor, electricity, etc.. Because papermaking requires the discharge of sewage into the river, the river will pollute. For example, the paper mill if you want to avoid sewage, you need to introduce hundreds of thousands of very high-end environmental protection equipment, then the price of paper will naturally rise.If paper mills are required to stop pollution, the paper will become very expensive and consumers will not be able to afford paper. Therefore, people want to afford paper, they need to tolerate a certain degree of pollution.Conveyor idler manufactures also affected by these policy.
After the reform and opening up, the economy continues to develop, people’s income increases, living standards continue to improve, life has become increasingly convenient, better and better. But the fact that we have to admit is that the environment and the air are getting worse.Instead of seeing the air becoming dirtier and dirtier, the rivers and the land are getting more and more polluted, but to see why pollution. Because it is necessary to produce a large number of low price consumer goods, and production is bound to bring pollution, and in no alternative only to pollute the environment as a price.What is the relationship between economic development and environmental pollution? In the initial stage of economic growth, economic development and the increase of people’s income are bound to be accompanied by deterioration of the environment.In the early stage of economic development, the lack of funds and the backwardness of technology had to make people pollute the environment at the expense of it. The environment itself has the capacity to contain pollution, and to some extent, this capability can be exploited by economic development.Conveyor idler manufactures also affected by these policy.

Post time: May-17-2022