HDPE Roller

HDPE ,also called(High Density Polyethylene) using 3,000,000 molecular weight ultra high molecular weight polyethylene pipe, with long wear life, does not adsorb iron, with belts and low coefficient of friction, can greatly extend the life of the belt.
HDPE conveyor idler with sealed maintenance-free lithium grease lubricated bearings, with flexible operation, long life, maintenance-free advantages.
HDPE conveyor idler in the same condition, with more than five times the life of steel rollers, use a long time.
Light weight HDPE conveyor roller, one steel roller dichotomy is only one-third of ceramic roller, and extremely easy to replace, while the energy-saving effect is obvious.
HDPE conveyor roller is safe, environmental protection, and only half of the steel roller noise, effectively eliminating noise pollution and improve the working environment.

They are widely used in metallurgical mines, coal mines, chemical industry, grain storage, building materials, ports, salt fields, and electric power. It is the best alternative to metal roller. The promotion and application of HDPE ROLLERS has brought about obvious economic benefits in comparison with the traditional metal conveyor idlers in terms of improving transportation capacity, protecting belts, reducing repairs, and saving energy and reducing consumption.

Post time: Sep-27-2019