High Quality Belt Conveyor Idler Roller

Tongxiang is a professional conveyor accessories manufacturer China,we produce high quality belt conveyor idler roller in China.Vertical analysis of China’s transport equipment industry, most enterprises have a certain degree of marginalization trend, the so-called single support system. At present, China’s market, although the emergence of a number of more advantages of the main body, its strong technical research and development capabilities, high-quality transmission equipment products and advanced management mode in the forefront of the development of the industry and become the international market development In the vanguard of the main body; but can not be avoided is that most of the transport equipment companies do not have comparable to its comparable technology research and development capabilities or product development capabilities.
In the belt conveyor roller, the idler is used to support the conveyor belt and the cargo, and the conveyor belt does not exceed the limit. The number of rollers for the belt conveyor normal use, smooth operation, maintenance costs, power consumption, machine prices have an important impact. Therefore, if the roller spacing can be a reasonable design and layout, not only can reduce the machine price, operation and maintenance costs, but also can effectively reduce the conveyor belt deviation, maintenance of the normal operation of conveyor equipment.
The distance between the domestic belt conveyors is usually determined from the empirical data, or the minimum spacing of the rollers is calculated by the minimum tension of the conveyor belt. China is currently based on the minimum tension of the roller to determine the spacing of the roller. First, the minimum tension value of the bearing load section and the bearing section is calculated respectively, and the theoretical maximum value can be calculated by calculating the distance between the carrier roller and the return idler. The roller spacing can be determined based on the calculated values and taking into account various practical factors. The basic principle is based on the bearing section or the minimum tension point of the conveyor belt tension, to determine the roller spacing, the length of the conveyor, respectively, using a uniform roller spacing. Although this can simplify the design and manufacturing process, but not according to the conveyor belt in the length of the conveyor on the tension and the roller of the force, reasonable to determine the roller spacing.
For the short distance conveyor has little effect, but for the long transport of a large tilt belt conveyor, it will greatly increase the number of rollers, so that the equipment cost higher, running resistance, power consumption, maintenance costs will be a substantial increase, So it is unreasonable. Foreign experimental studies have shown that the optional roller resistance and conveyor belt compression resistance accounted for 50% -85% of the main resistance, an average of 70%. Therefore, to improve the accuracy of the roller and conveyor belt performance, can effectively reduce the running resistance. In the past decade, the structure of the roller roll out. In particular, the use of high-performance special bearings and high-precision seals, effectively reducing the rotation of the roller resistance.

We are a conveyor equipment manufacturer china.The belt conveyor roller is continuously changing over the entire transport length. Reasonable roller spacing, can effectively meet the roller carrying capacity, extend the service life of the equipment. Under the conditions of the requirements of the conveyor belt sag, according to the size of the tree hole tension, to determine the roller spacing. In the design, the roller spacing at the same time to meet a few conditions:
(1)Roller carrying capacity and service life requirements;
(2)To ensure that the conveyor belt with the appropriate sag. According to the roller carrying capacity and service life to determine the roller spacing, roller carrying capacity and service life, depending on the characteristics of the material, the length of the conveyor belt and cargo quality, idler spacing, belt speed, roller diameter, roller bearings And operating conditions and other factors.
(3) According to the conveyor belt sag to determine the roller spacing, conveyor belt sag depends on the roller spacing, where the conveyor belt tension, the length of the conveyor belt, and the quality of cargo and other factors.
In determining the roller spacing at the same time also take into account the impact of other factors, such as material properties, conveyor belt width, conveyor inclination, the actual operating conditions. When the conveyor is long, the idler spacing can be determined indefinitely. Through the difficult and reasonable arrangement of the belt conveyor, and optimize the layout, can greatly reduce the amount of roller, its superiority is very obvious. If the number of rollers is reduced by half, the equipment investment will be drastically reduced. The number of rollers is reduced, the conveyor running resistance is reduced, the power consumption is reduced, and the energy is saved. As the belt conveyor roller with a large amount, and prone to failure. Therefore, the reasonable arrangement of the roller to reduce the amount of roller is to maintain the workload and cost reduction, to extend the service life of the conveyor, reduce conveyor belt deviation, improve the reliability of transport equipment operation.

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