How many styles of belt conveyors?

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Belt conveyors can be added to the conveyor belt in various forms, such as belt conveyors, flat belt conveyors, climbing belt conveyors, roll belt conveyors, turning belt conveyors,Side gears, etc.Good quality conveyor roller is a very important part for belt conveyor.Accessories such as plates and skirts can meet a variety of process requirements.
Belt conveyors have different characteristics and forms.The belt conveyor should be kept clean during use and storage, avoiding direct sunlight or rain and snow soaking to prevent contact with acids, alkalis, oils, organic solvents, etc., and one meter away from the heating device.The storage temperature of the belt conveyor should be maintained between 18-40 ℃ and the relative humidity should be between 50-80℃. The conveyor belt should be placed in the reel during storage and must not be folded. Each season should be transferred once during the resettlement period. Different types and sizes of conveyor belts are not suitable for use together, and the joints are preferably glued.Good quality conveyor roller is a very important part for belt conveyor. The belt conveyor should select the type, structure, specifications and number of layers of the conveyor belt according to the conditions of use. Conveyor speed should generally not exceed 2.5 m/s. Materials with bulk size, high wear resistance and fixed discharge devices should be used at low speeds.
The relationship between the diameter of the conveyor roller of the belt conveyor and the belt layer of the conveyor belt, the matching of the transmission drum, the groove angle of the reversing drum and the drum should be reasonably selected according to the design specifications of the conveyor. The feed direction should be in the direction of travel of the conveyor. In order to reduce the impact on the conveyor belt when the material falls, a chute should be used to reduce the material falling distance. The belt receiving portion should shorten the idler spacing and use a buffer roller as the leaking material. Good quality conveyor roller is a very important part for belt conveyor.The belt conforms to a soft and moderate baffle to prevent the baffle from being too hard and scratching the belt surface of the belt. The high temperature resistant steel belt conveyor belt is made of steel wire transversely and horizontally. The surface of the steel mesh is galvanized or copper plated. The lower surface of the stencil is covered with a rubber layer. During the transportation of high temperature materials, the entire surface is not delaminated and the performance is better than delamination. Heat resistant conveyor belts are more reliable.

Post time: Aug-03-2022