Improve the diameter runout of roller

Roller is an important rotating parts of the belt conveyor, in the belt conveyor mainly carrying the role of conveyor belt and materials. Idlers in the belt conveyor on the amount of large, the price of the conveyor price of about 20% to 30%.The diameter runout of the roller is a very important parameter, which has a direct effect on the operation effect, service life and power consumption of the belt conveyor.The diameter runout is small, the conveyor is smooth and easy to operate, the service life is long and the power consumption is small.Therefore, the manufacturer in the design and manufacture of roller, you must strictly control the parameters in line with GB10595-2009 belt conveyor roller diameter runout requirements.

Most of the manufacturers of this parameter control is loose, mainly on the control of the manufacturing sector is not enough, the use of conventional technology is indeed difficult to meet the standard, the pass rate only 20% to 30%.TX Roller on the basis of years of production practice,to improve the roller roll round beating performance indicators proposed a system to solve the process.Strengthen the control of all aspects of the manufacturing process,And cleverly apply the normal temperature die extrusion process to the roller roll manufacturing process.Through the theoretical calculation of the necking process, the design of the roller roll for the necking mold,And in the special shrinkage hydraulic machine on the implementation of the roller at the same time both ends of a shrinkage molding, effectively correct and solve the current roller roller manufacturing process is difficult to guarantee,and the influence of the thermal stress at the time of welding between the roll and the bearing housing, and the difference between the cylindrical bearing at both ends of the roller roll and the cylinder shaft relative to the outer circumference of the roll body to the outside radial radial runout, The use of the roller performance, extended its life.

1.Control the shape error of the pipe
To ensure that the roller pipe shape to meet the requirements of the accuracy of the requirements, is to control the roller diameter is not the premise of non-deviation.In the pipe shape of the main control of the pipe diameter tolerance, oval, bending and other variables.

2.Roller body shrinkage
The necking process is one of the basic processes of stamping in the cold plastic deformation of metal, which belongs to the compression molding process,Which is a molding method in which a tube or a pre-stretched cylindrical member is reduced in diameter through a necking die.The process has the advantages of saving raw materials, simple mold structure, improving mechanical properties of parts, and is widely used in national defense, machinery, automobile, aerospace, daily necessities and other industries. The application of the necking process to the roll roll body further corrects the adverse effects of raw materials and machining errors.
Through the control of the above process of the roller, as well as in the subsequent roll welding, assembly process carried out in the process of conventional process control, the detection of idler round runout pass rate of 97% or more, but also effectively reduce Rotation resistance, improved roller use performance, extended its life. While the roller at both ends of the arc necking, changing the front tip sharp angle state, effectively reducing the wear on the conveyor belt, thereby saving production costs and operating costs. This process has important significance for the manufacture of roller.

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Post time: Sep-28-2021