Influence of Environment on the Quality of Roller

The corrosion resistance, wear resistance of belt conveyor roller tube.In the coal mine, most of the water sulfur ratio is larger,4.5 mm thick steel pipe roller, tube body
 is about 1 year corrosion,the shortest only about 5 months.In the coking plant, sintering, pellet plant, conveying steel slag, wet slag.The life of the tube body is up to 
6 months.Many three months were worn, only a dozen days serious.
No tube, belt conveyor roller can not scrapped it?Therefore, the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the roller body is one of the keys to ensure its life.And 
the performance indicators are blank at home and abroad, foreign reported roller life of 90,000 hours, in the pollution, corrosion, wear and tear in the harsh environment,
the steel roller is simply impossible!Completely sealed, flexible rotation, anti-corrosion wear only with these three conditions, the belt conveyor roller can only achieve 
the desired effect.The frequent damage of the belt conveyor roller seriously restricts the safety and reliability of the belt conveyor and the transportation operation rate.
And the use of roller and its use of the environment has a close relationship.If the roller rotation resistance of the average ≤ 1N, the bearing will never pollute, to 
maintain a good lubrication of the state. Here we make a brief note:Rotation resistance of belt conveyor roller.Bearing life is the life of the roller, bearing life is closely
related to the rotation of the roller resistance.To ensure good bearing lubrication in the state, the rotation resistance ≤ 1N roller, bearing life of up to 150,000 hours;
Rotation resistance ≤ 2.5N-3N idler, bearing life of 50,000 hours;Rotation resistance ≤ 5N -8N idler, bearing life can not exceed 10,000 hours, showing the relationship 
between the rotor rotation resistance and life is also very close.In a better environment such as mines, power plants, docks, food, etc., the belt conveyor roller life of
up to 50,000 hours.In the coal mine, steel mills, cement plants and other water, slime and dust pollution in a serious environment, the average life of nylon roller only 
about 1 year.The sealing performance of the belt conveyor roller, bearing the life of the bearing, the life of the roller body on the three elements affect the roller life.
The sealing performance of the drive belt conveyor roller idler is the most important.Water or dust into the bearing, the grease will be in the bearing "eat", the bearings 
are not lubricated, life is reduced by hundreds of times,Will soon fail, or be stuck by dust, the roller is also scrapped.The labyrinth less contactless seal is the ideal seal 
for the roller.If the water, dust and mud will never pollute, the bearing in the antioxidant lithium grease can guarantee 30 years without calcification.The bearing will
always work in a good lubrication state, in the rotation resistance ≤ 1N under the premise of the normal life in the belt conveyor roller should reach 150,000 hours.

Post time: Dec-27-2021