Maintenance of belt conveyor

Belt Conveyor is a kind of mechanical equipment which is used to transport material according to the principle of friction transmission. It can be used for horizontal transportation or inclined transportation, and it is very convenient to use and widely used in various industrial enterprises. Belt conveyor is made up of belt, roller, pulley and drive devices, brakes, tension device, loading, unloading, cleaning devices and so on.

1. Regularly check the transmission motor and reducer is abnormal.
2. Regularly check the belt is loose, elongated, after the timely adjustment.
3. Regularly check the belt conveyor roller rotation is flexible, after the timely repair.
4. Regularly check the drive sprocket and the chain of fit, timely adjustment, and to add lubricating oil chain.
5. Regularly use the air gun to blow the dust inside the control box to prevent failure.
6. reducer for the first time after the use of 100 hours to replace the cleaning of internal gear oil, put on new oil, once every 2500 hours to replace.
7. Make a major maintenance every year to check the damage to the parts.

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Post time: Jan-07-2021