Many cities carried out strictest environmental protection policy

In 2017, there are remaining less than three months at the end. And winter is approaching, environmental protection policies of Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and surrounding areas are more stringent. The government shutdown many factories. Such as 19 factories in Shaanxi,140 enterprises in Heze all stop production. Also exposure of 213 illegal enterprises in Xingtai. The day before yesterday, Wu Angang city carried out four measures: stop the power supply, stop the environmental protection rectification, and stop the formalities. Yesterday, there were brother reactions in Hebei area, pollution warning reached two (orange warning) weather, and received notice of production shutdown.It will influence the production of conveyor carrying idler.
On October 18th, the nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China were held in Beijing. Li Wei, director of the raw material industry department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, introduced the achievements in recent years
The elimination of backward production capacity of 90 million tons of crude steel during 12th Five-Year, 2016 to resolve the crude steel production capacity of 65 million tons, 2017 Yajian 50 million tons of crude steel production capacity is expected to achieve the task. Bar to exit the stage of history, as of June 30th, the national total ban more than 600 “steel companies, about 1.2 tons of capacity, these enterprises have been shut down, water and electricity. The total steel capacity to add, subtract 3.25 tons of production capacity.It will influence the production of conveyor carrying idler.
It is worth noting that, after so much production capacity, steel prices rose rapidly, big steel factory “back to the dead”, profits improved significantly. However, we can not ignore the fact that small and medium-sized enterprises are suffering from the high price of materials.Efforts should be made to solve outstanding environmental problems. Adhere to the national common governance, source control, continue to implement air pollution prevention and control action, win the blue sky defense war. Improve pollution emission standards, strengthen polluters responsibility, improve environmental credit evaluation, mandatory disclosure of information, severe punishment, heavy penalties and other systems.
Vehicle restriction in Handan. Tracking and checking with the steel business vehicles.It will influence the production of conveyor carrying idler.
Now security and environmental issues are becoming more and more important! Recently, the environmental protection policy frequently, defend the blue sky means continue to overweight.The government of Tangshan City informed, Tangshan staggering production of steel enterprises started ahead of time from November 15, 2017 to October 12, 2017 0. The steel prices in autumn and winter peak production plan issued before the implementation of steel enterprises sintering (pellet) measures to limit production equipment stop production for 50%; the city’s steel industry in autumn and winter peak production plan issued, in strict accordance with the implementation of.
Blast furnace limited production has been determined, green, yellow, red. Belongs to the Green River steel shougang limited production 20%, an Feng, Hongxing, two East China Sea belong to the yellow horse, a limited production of 50%, belongs to the red 75% limited production, limited production of sintering until March next year.
Recently Handan city main city yellow card vehicle restriction policy was officially implemented, because Wuan warehouse more than the outer ring position, this limit line to Handan area steel transportation form bigger resistance.
And Handan in the production of steel mills have environmental protection related personnel stay, but any business with the steel vehicles and processing plants will track inspection. The factories which require production and rectification are in production status after investigation, and they should be fined or detained immediately.


Post time: Jan-19-2022