Quality of the roller accessories is very important

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Every belt conveyor system need a high quality roller accessories.And every roller need bearing to runing.In the use of belt conveyor not only to check the operation of the roller often, but also pay attention to roller bearings operating conditions. Belt conveyor idler is very important, roller bearings are also very important, in fact, they are a kind of idler roller, idler roller is able to operate normally with the bearing has a direct impact, then how do we determine the roller bearing is good or bad?
To determine whether the roller bearing can be reused, we must first use the correct removal tool to prevent the roller bearing damage, we need to see after the demolition of bearing parts are broken or ball is damaged, we should focus on checking the dimensional accuracy, rotation is Smooth, whether there is abnormal sound, such as the bearing has been found damaged, please replace. We must regularly check the operation of the roller, regular maintenance, if the roller does not rotate, it will severely wear the belt, the loss will be great.
Bearing is a precision machine parts, which must be used in the rules, such as the use of the environment need to pay attention to what, in order to make the bearings get a good play, play the best role. The quality of roller bearing also has a direct impact on the precision of roller bearing installation. The precision of bearing seat affects the axial positioning density of bearing, which also affects the fitting fit of roller bearing and bearing seat. Therefore, the quality of roller accessories is very important, it directly affects the quality and life of this roller. What are the requirements when using the bearing?

? First, to keep the bearings and their surroundings clean. Even tiny invisible dust entering the bearing can increase bearing wear, vibration and noise. Bearings and their surrounding accessories should be kept clean, especially dust and dirt, tools and working environment must also be kept clean.
? Second, use the installation carefully. Strong punching is not allowed, does not allow the hammer, direct percussion bearings, transmission of pressure through the rolling is not allowed.
? Third, the use of appropriate and accurate installation tools. Try to use special tools, try to avoid the use of cloth and staple fiber and the like.

How to judge the bearing failure in the process of bearing operation?
In fact, the use of rolling bearings in the course of its show a strong regularity, and repeatability is very good. Normal high-quality bearings in the beginning to use, the vibration and noise are relatively small, but some scattered spectrum, the amplitude is smaller, may be due to some manufacturing processes, such as surface burrs caused. After a period of exercise, the vibration and noise are maintained at a certain level, the spectrum is very simple, and only the first and second harmonic frequencies appear. Rarely appear more than three times the frequency spectrum above, the bearing condition is very stable, into a stable working period.
Continue to run into late use, rolling bearing vibration and noise began to increase, and sometimes abnormal noise, but changes in vibration more slowly, this time, the bearing kurtosis value suddenly began to reach a certain value. In our opinion, the rolling bearing at this time is the initial failure.
At this time, it requires strict monitoring of the rolling bearing, pay close attention to its changes. Since then, the bearing kurtosis value again began to decline rapidly and approached the normal value, while the vibration and noise began to increase significantly, and the increase began to accelerate. When the vibration exceeded the vibration standard (such as ISO2372), the bearing kurtosis value began Rapid increase, when both exceed the vibration standard, and the kurtosis value also exceeds the normal value (available kurtosis relative standard), we believe that the bearing has entered the late failure, the timely maintenance of equipment, replacement of rolling bearings.
Rolling bearings show signs of late failure to a serious failure (usually bearing damage such as axle, burn, sand rack spalling, raceway, bead wear, etc.) for most of the time less than a week, the greater the capacity of the device, the faster the speed of its The shorter the interval. Therefore, in the actual rolling bearing fault diagnosis, once the late fault features found, should be determined to determine the existence of failure bearing as soon as possible to arrange maintenance.Use low-noise bearings that waviness is very small bearings, carefully choose the conditions of use. Rolling often affect the noise of the entire machinery, reducing raceway noise can reduce the noise of the entire machinery.

Post time: Aug-02-2022