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Belt Conveyor is one of the main transportation equipments in the coal mining industry. It is mainly used for roadways in mining areas, roadways with a dip angle of less than 10*, and transportation of coal in ground production systems and coal preparation plants. Conveyor belts can also be used for main level lanes in some mines. Reasonably determine and try to extend the transmission standards, apply to all types of coal companies, it determines the verification formula and standards from all aspects of coal production. According to the Coal Mine Production Capacity Management Regulations, the approved production capacity of a coal mine is the production capacity specified in the coal production permit, and it is also the maximum annual coal output of a coal mine. There are several thousand coal production enterprises in the country, and the scale of the enterprises varies greatly. Different coal mines have huge gaps in production management, technical support, personnel quality, etc.Rubber belt conveyor components are very important.Under such circumstances, with the same set of standards, some coal mines will be limited to their own organizational management level, and they will not be able to maximize the effectiveness of their equipment. Even though nine coal mines are trying hard to improve the organization and management level and optimize the system, they will be tied up by formulas and have no way to exploit the potential of the production system. Even if they encounter favorable market conditions, they will not be able to create the maximum benefits. The long-term sustainability of this situation is undoubtedly a great waste of social production resources.

We supply high quality mining crushing cement conveyors.The verification of coal mine production capacity should be adapted to the development of the country’s socio-economic situation. The country has vigorously advocated the strategy of rejuvenating the country through science and education and building a conservation-minded society, and decided to establish a modern enterprise system and create a group of competitive enterprises. Rubber belt conveyor components are very important.Modern enterprises pay more and more attention to the construction of “software” and attach importance to the development of people and the improvement of the technological level, because this is the key factor for the success of enterprises. The enterprise’s production equipment is dead, but people are alive, and different people can produce and use different results. The coal industry must also seize the opportunity to become bigger and stronger and improve its core competitiveness. If companies optimize their organizational structure and upgrade their soft qualities such as management level, they can create enormous productivity without spending too much resources.
Therefore, the assessment of coal mine production capacity cannot only consider hardware capabilities such as system equipment, but also consider software of the enterprise,and assess the management level and technical level of the enterprise so that coal enterprises that adopt advanced management methods and mining technologies can expand production capacity, occupy a dominant position in the industry, and thus stimulate and inspire other companies’ innovation capabilities.Rubber belt conveyor components are very important. It may not be easy to verify the soft capabilities of coal mine production, but it is a necessary step for the country to improve the overall quality of the coal industry, effectively prevent coal production accidents, and build a world-class coal enterprise.The coal mine production capacity marks the normal output level of an independent and complete coal production system and is a basic indicator for reflecting the technical and economic characteristics of the coal mine.

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Post time: Sep-29-2019