Rubber Belt Conveyor For Mining

Rubber belt conveyor is sent to the material temperature requirements less than 60 ℃. The captain and assembly form can be determined according to user requirements, the drive can be used drum, can also be used with the drive frame drive (reducer drive).
Conveyor components -the bearing, often there will be damage to the phenomenon, generally due to the use of too long to cause, there are other reasons. In order to avoid being damaged, the relevant work should be done in place. The legitimacy of the processing technology, conservatism, stability will also reflect the bearing life. With the retreat of metallurgical technology, the quality of the original talent lost. Bearing machine is in the production process, through a lot of cold, hot processing of the old order, in order to meet the small amount of high frequency, high quality requirements, bearing steel should have a good processing function. In the reaction of waste within the one-way thrust ball bearing quality of the thermal solution and grinding processing of the old season, often with the bearing has a more indirect relationship. As a result, the demolition function is ensured by adopting a shape that can reduce the stress at the time of disassembly. The loss of torque on a single cage increased by 30 to 40%, and the total torque loss of the one-way thrust ball bearings increased by 50 to 65%. Roller accessories bearing the normal manufacture through the forging, heat solution, turning, grinding and demolition, and other multi-channel processing. Thin-walled bearing steel is being used in the form of the normal angle to reach HRC61 ~ 65, the ability to make one-way thrust ball bearings lose high contact fatigue strength and wear resistance.To avoid the roller is covered by the material, resulting in rotation is not working to prevent leakage of material in the roller and tape between the attention of the conveyor belt part of the lubrication, but not oil conveyor belt.
Rubber belt conveyor performance characteristics rubber belt conveyor transport volume, simple structure, easy maintenance, low cost, versatility and other advantages, and is widely used in metallurgy, mining, coal, ports, Transportation, hydropower, chemical and other departments, loading, loading, reprinting or accumulation of various room temperature of the bulk density of 500 ~ 2500kg / m3 various bulk materials or pieces of goods. The material is conveyed by a single or multi-unit synthetic transport system and can be arranged in a horizontal or inclined form according to the process requirements.


Post time: Sep-29-2019