The brief of mining

What are the advantages and disadvantages of open pit mining compared with well mining?
1.Advantages: The mine has large production capacity, high labor productivity, low cost, high safety, good working conditions, rapid construction, and low wood consumption, especially when using automobile transportation.
2.Disadvantages: The open pit mining depth is limited by the stripping ratio, the land area is large, and it has a profound impact on the environment. The impact of climate makes open-pit mine production seasonal and reduces production efficiency. Need to introduce large-scale equipment, a large investment

What are the main considerations in determining the open-pit mine transportation plan?
1) The distance of open-pit mines, especially the length of ore rock, must be short;
2) Strive to fix the line, or move as small as possible;
3) Try to use a single mode of transport and equipment;
4) The transportation equipment should be matched with the mining equipment;
5) Reliable transportation equipment and short stoppage time of major equipment;
6) Transportation security and low cost.

On the basis that the scale of the mine and the mining plan can meet the needs, the first mining section should be selected in areas where the thickness of the ore body is relatively large, the ore grade is high, the overburden is thin, the amount of infrastructure stripping is small, and the mining technology is in good condition, so as to reduce the amount of infrastructure projects,shorten production and production time, improve the initial economic benefits of the mine.The main principle of open-pit mine waterproofing, waterproof work must be carried out to prevent the main anti-discharge combination of the following waterproof measures are:
Ground waterproof measures: 1) intercepting ditch 2) river diversion 3) flood relief reservoir 4) river dam.
Underground waterproofing measures: 1) Water exploration drilling, so that there are doubts and explorations, first exploration after mining; 2) Set waterproof walls and waterproof gates; 3) Set waterproof pillars; 4) Grouting anti-seepage curtains; Continuous wall.

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