The energy efficiency of belt conveyor

Belt conveyor is a tape as traction and bearing institutions and through the continuous movement of the belt conveying, loading and unloading of transportation equipment.Compared with other means of transport, it has a large conveying capacity, high efficiency, long transmission distance, small resistance, low energy consumption, work stable and reliable. And with the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, belt conveyor is easy to realize automation and centralized control. Thus the belt conveyor is widely used in metallurgy, coal, transportation, energy, food, chemical industry, building materials and other industrial sectors, especially in the coal industry.Belt conveyor in coal mining has become the key equipment, so the energy-saving efficiency of belt conveyor for coal production and build a conservation-minded society is of great significance.
Energy saving research in belt conveyor, according to the principle of functional theory analysis, Chen zhi was carried out on the work process of belt conveyor, mathematical model is set up. This paper proposes of mathematical processing is a method of measuring the efficiency of the belt conveyor machinery. The method is to output the useful power of the belt conveyor and the ratio of the input power for the mechanical efficiency.In the energy efficiency, the belt conveyor is precise enough. This paper discusses the calculation of efficiency of belt conveyor power calculation problem.Through the analysis of calculation for the efficiency of belt conveyor, a practical use compared with the foreign design calculation, Zhang explain the reason of the computing power that may deviate from the actual. He points out problems in today’s value in the design of the transmission efficiency is low. Wu Minglong and Fu Jiyue said in a study of structure and performance of roller. The domestic conveyor per ton-km power consumed by about 1 times than outside, this is mainly caused by different running resistance coefficient.And the roller quality have direct relationship with the coefficient.To evaluate the performance of conveyor in each ton-km power is more scientific.
Energy efficiency of belt conveyor is an important problem of energy saving, this article focuses on energy efficiency and mechanical efficiency of belt conveyor.The relationship between energy efficiency calculation method and analysis of the existing data of the belt conveyor according to the preliminary in our country, there is still a gap with foreign energy efficiency level.
Mechanical efficiency and energy efficiency is the floorboard of the machine and mechanism mechanical usually by a prime mover, motivation and work units.Machinery efficiency is doing useful work and the ratio of total energy consumption by, this is introduced in the middle school physics, but also for the social from all walks of life widely accepted concept.Mechanical efficiency reflects the nature of energy utilization ratio of high and low. For all output mechanical energy transformation and energy as the object of machinery, mechanical efficiency expression is energy efficiency.For many of the prime mover and the motivation to be used in mechanical efficiency concept and formula of the energy efficiency analysis is completely reasonable. According to the basic theory of mechanical design, mechanical equipment, the total power consumption can be expressed as the prime mover and the mechanical efficiency of drive motor. P is the power consumed by a working machine.On the fixed distance, the amount of material conveying energy efficiency is more scientific.

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Post time: Jan-09-2021