The Ministry of environmental protection implements new policies

At present, environmental protection, production capacity, steel prices continue to rise. In August, the steel market is too crazy, it is not normal. In September, the steel price also rise? Yes, maybe it will still rise after the peak. Overall, the recent Zhejiang, Shandong area environmental protection supervision and held the National Games in Tianjin, downstream processing plant parts and construction enterprises to stop production, steel demand is relatively weak performance, social and steel stocks appeared to accumulate to a certain extent. But the whole industry chain inventory level is still low, the intensification of the contradiction between supply and demand is not obvious, the market for the heating season in northern mills will bring limited production supply is expected to remain strong, “Kim Gu” has been to the peak demand is gradually released, the lower order or gradually rise, prices continue to rise the remaining power. Coupled with the high cost of arrival resources, businesses will be quite obvious willingness to price. Moreover, the futures and billets are booming, and the spot market is bullish. In view of this, demand recovery is a high probability event, steel prices are expected to continue rising prices, or steel prices will be upside down.It is a good signal to conveyor idler manufactures.
It is reported that, to help enterprises to resume production, Zhoucun district environmental protection departments to set up the EIA approval for the advisory service window, the one-time inform the work of the masses, all materials can be submitted through the Internet, basically no impact on the environment of the project, enterprises can record registration directly on the Internet, and further simplify the administrative examination and approval process, improve the efficiency of examination and approval. For different types of enterprises, the district environmental protection departments have proposed targeted environmental governance program, effectively enhance the acceptance rate. In conjunction with the relevant departments towns do according to the law to carry out “scattered pollution” enterprise comprehensive remediation acceptance and rehabilitation work, has been completed for the comprehensive improvement of the environment according to the requirements, meet the conditions of acceptance, approval for enterprises or units, to organize the acceptance, approval by the grant back to normal production.It is good at conveyor idler manufactures.
Within the jurisdiction of the industry according to the characteristics of Boshan District, from the Shandong University of Technology, Zibo Municipal Environmental Protection Institute, hired 20 different majors and research in the field of environmental protection experts, scholars, in towns, streets and Development Zone, do the “examination for enterprises”. Through to the enterprise to carry out targeted inspection and guidance for investigation of existing environmental protection procedures are not complete, environmental protection facilities are not standardized, not in place, and put forward the corresponding rectification, open the “examination”, an antidote against the disease by enterprise control requirements for rectification, supervision and inspection to ensure the rectification results stand. The original rectification enterprise acceptance rate was only 20%, and now can reach 70%.If it has not been notified by the time limit, the government shall be deemed to have agreed upon the examination and approval. In other words, as long as your company, your small factory submitted the EIA statements, the government departments must reply within ten days, otherwise it is considered as the approval of the audit.It is good at conveyor idler manufactures.

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Post time: Apr-28-2022