The Problem Of Low Efficiency Of Misalignment Of Transport Idlers Is Solved

Tongxiang are professional conveyor idler suppliers in China.Conveyor idler Mis-Alignment Inefficiencies at Mining Operations and Bulk Shipping Terminals are Solved.Conveyor efficiency, safety and productivity are critical components to any mining operations or bulk shipping terminal. Therefore conveyor belt mis-tracking or mis-alignment can be a major concern.

The problem, as shown in the pictures of the right, conventional training idlers are not effective. Some of the problems are; the side-guide rollers and exposed center pivot will seize, which can creates sever belt edge damage, the trainer in most cases is tied off in one direction therefore not allowing the trainer to actuate when need and lastly conventional tracking idlers will not work on reversing conveyor systems. On one particular reversing conveyor system the customer had a conveyor belt mis-alignment switch sending and alarm nearly every day.


After a complete survey of the conveying systems and the biggest problems were identified, it was recommended to the customer that they install ASGCO Tru-Trainer? series of conveyor belt tracking idlers approximately 20’-30’ (7m-10m) prior to any conveyor pulley. After the installation of the Tru-Trainers the customer has not had a single belt mis-alignment alarm on any conveyor that now has a Tru-Trainer; including the reversing conveyors.
The Tru-Trainer series of Conveyor Belt Tracking idlers employs a patented, unique highly effective tracking action, which in non-damaging to the conveyor belt and reacts immediately if the belt begins to steer off center. Because it does not rely on contact with the belt edge in order to guide the belt, belt edge damage which frequently occurs with conventional tracking systems, is avoided.

The return idler cage is designed to catch the return idler from falling onto unsuspecting workers or equipment, preventing injuries and down time. The cage is of robust construction, made of durable powder coated steel and does not require welding. The open slot design prevents material from building up. To install and remove the cage for belt maintenance is easy using the mounting kit provided, which includes beam clamps, links and adjustable chains. The conveyor return idler cage is available in various sizes to fit most belt conveyors.

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Post time: Sep-29-2019