The roller plays a key role in the life of the conveyor

1.The drive impact roller is driven by the motor through the gear unit,the conveyor belt relies on the friction between the drive roller and the conveyor belt to drag the scaffolding on the ramp and the road.To have reliable anti-slip measures, in addition to timely cleaning frost, but also can be used to lay ash, sawdust, sand and other methods for non-slip.
2.All technical requirements must follow the manual,the role of the carrier roller conveyor belt is to support the conveyor belt and material weight,Reduce the friction of the conveyor belt with the roller.Which plays a key role in the life of conveyor belts above 25% of the total cost of the conveyor.
There are five criteria for judging the quality of the roller:Roller dustproof performance,Roller waterproof performance,Roller axial bearing performance,Roller impact resistance,The roller is an important part of the belt conveyor, many types, large number.
The heat-resistant conveyor belt is mainly based on the resistance of the tropical belt to the loss of the main performance and the different heat-resistant level for the conveyor belt reform.Environmental protection has become the focus,Protect the environment, save raw materials.Is such a simple simple products, many domestic and foreign related professional research institutes and engaged in the production of engineering and technical personnel, is committed to the research on the roller to improve,There are hundreds of patent applications, there is no problem to solve the vulnerability of the roller.
Most of the conveyor belt, conveyor roller use of the environment there are water pollution and dust, the material will be on the roller body wear or corrosion.Dust and dust into the labyrinth seal is a physics principle that has not been found by people. As we all know, the labyrinth seal gap is big, the sealing effect is not good, is correct. However, that the labyrinth seal gap is small, the number of layers, the sealing effect will be a good understanding, but it is a big mistake. The second core technology is the manufacturing accuracy of the roller.
Structure chain plate feeder from the silo interface, guide trough, manual gate device, drive sprocket group, wheel group, chassis and other components,the components are bolted, handled and assembled, and can be divided and integral.Ground or downhole are applicable to the grooved roller coal mine shaft roller damage caused by the following main reasons.Leaching and slime on the roller bearing pollution, resulting in bearing resistance increased until the stuck failure;Aligning the bracket to install the friction-aligning roller, and the tape is not 90 degrees vertical, but the use of lateral friction force to prevent tape deviation.The roller wall will wear and tear quickly, while the tape wear is also very serious, we can see the conveyor belt roller on the conveyor life plays a key role.
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Post time: Jun-23-2022