The steel industry running stably in China

The steel industry running stably in China, with high production. On the international conference on financial derivatives held on 16th in China, 2017, the relevant person in charge of the China iron and steel association said that the current domestic steel industry basically stable operation, but there is a high production, further control output and increase efficiency. So it is good at the export market of belt conveyor rollers.
At the meeting, Gu Jianguo, the vice President of Cisa said,the iron and steel industry in China walked out of the difficulty, and achieved profitability and laid a solid foundation for the further upgrade in the year of 2016. So it is a good signal for the belt conveyor rollers factories.In addition, the national economy achieves a good start in 2017, especially in resolving excess iron and steel industry, cleaning up DeTiaoGang work continuously deep development, thus create a favorable external environment for the iron and steel industry running smoothly.
According to the reliable data, the steel industry in the domestic is running smoothly on the whole. And the iron and steel enterprise benefit is an obvious improvement compared with the same period last year. But there are also some problems and situations.He specially mentioned the following several aspects: the frist is the existed problems of higher the first four months of this year, the crude steel production increased rapidly and reach the nissan level record in several months. The second is steel exports continued to decline. Three is there is upside down case in long products and sheet prices.The last one is the iron ore market is excessive inventory,the inventories of iron ore in harbor is 140 million tons, reaching an all-time high record at the end of may. So it will promote the exporting market of belt conveyor rollers.

He also thinks that, From the point of running smoothly, The iron and steel industry and enterprise need to control the production in the future,strengthen itself, and increase the benefits. In addition,in recent years, the futures market is developing rapidly in China,and launching the coking coal, coke, iron alloy,iron ore, wire rod and rebar futures varieties,covering most of the iron and steel raw materials and the main iron and steel products.So it is more and more big for steel market orientation in China.And the iron and steel industry should use futures tools reasonably and effectively from set out actually, prudent.Let the futures tools serve the enterprise production and operation better. At the same time, The iron and steel companies also need to pay attention to the futures market price fluctuations of booster and amplification, and focus on the cost of risk management, so that it can avoid the risk effectively.

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Post time: Sep-01-2021